Start Page War is getting hot

Nope, we are not talking about google ig or , the start page we are talking about is like Netvibes or Page Flakes , as usual Netvibes still one of my favourite , it seem like currently still unbeatable !

i thought that Fold might be able to take a piece in the Start Page market , but i was wrong it went deactivated , Page Flakes seem not bad too ( at least the interface i would say its better then netvibes ) it secure some funding recently, when everything seem good to Page Flakes, Netvibes started their Eco System

i know about Netvibes release their API for some time, but i didn’t know there are so much module been develop, it even have a soduku module ( althought it seem like trying to sell hard for google adsense ). Lets sit down and see how this war going on ? will it end by Netvibes or some other big guy ( or IG ) ?

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