Fixed WordPress 2.0 Trackback Issue

Wah ! this is my first post to ping pps, after i upgrade to wordpress2.0 few day ago ..

I been having problem to trackback after i upgrade to wordpress 2 RC3, even the final version release can’t fix the problem

  • if you upgrade your db from 1.5.2 to 2.0
  • unable to trackback, no matter what you publish the trackback url remain at the trackback field

if your situation match the above point, here are the solution that i want to share with you after i dig table by table, code by code , field by field

this problem is because of to_ping field contain some char ( including space, tab which represent by \n\r ), run this sql command under your phpmyadmin Update ‘wp-posts’ set to_ping=”

after this should be able to trackback already, i believe the wordpress dev team change hows the original trackback work, thats explain why there are no problem during 1.5.2 but cause some problem in 2.0, i think they should include this in the upgrade script

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