Say No to Windows Live Mail

if you thinking/trying to find a way to get Windows Live Mail invitation, i will tell you forget about it, i give up on it and change back to normal email mode, which i think its even better then live mail , if you really want to try some ajax-style email, get Gmail !

Why i suddenly talk about this ar ? because i saw a review here ( chinese blog ) which i totally agreed .

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  • I’m the author of that blog 🙂
    I will try to translate some for you guys, but sorry for my poor English at first.

    1. There’re too small useful spaces for our user. A lot of Ads garbage in that page.

    2. What’s the size of my Live mail’s storage? 2M or 2G? I cannot get the info from the page, even I have no idea about how many storage I have used.

    3. The whole site is slow even than old Hotmail. (Maybe better out of China, I don’t know)

    4. It’s a fake ajax site, if you click “Options” URL and then click “Mail” back, compare its speed with Gmail, you will know Live Mail is a suck.

  • If not choose ajax, why should I use Live mail? Is there any different with old hotmail?

  • Knight

    the option is on top right

  • sarfraz ali syed

    i have seen this live mail beta .i just want invitation for it .

  • ali

    i think its better than that old shit hotmail.i have both hotmail plus and live its bette than classic hotmail is that u can use right click etc.but if u dont know how to right click then u sucks.and sarfraz. forget it that u will get it so easily if u r lucky enough all hotmail address will be changed to live mail in the future but u can’t get it,its invitation send by microsoft.but i got it without invitaiton in a minute because i have friend working in microsoft who converted my old mail to live mail.

  • ben

    Is there anyone else here (in China) that cant access Windows Live at the moment? Its been 3 days now and I still cant access it. My friend has the old hotmail and she has no problem at all. Its driving me crazy. Never had problems accessing it until now. MSN has no problems at all.

  • anonymous

    which page is options on??
    i looked on the sign in page and it didn’t have it…..
    neither did the msn homepage…….
    plzzzz help me, i stupidly accepted the invitation