Netvibes did it again !

I believe that Netvibes is the most frequent service that i mention in this blog. Still remember that i mention in Netvibes is now browser indepedent , i wish to see these new feature in stead of keep see new service add in

  • allow to change theme
  • calendar module – ical module is available now
  • block which allow html and javascript – miniapi is available now
  • open API – miniapi is available now

other then these, they added

  • tab support – this is one of the important feature that some user choose pageflakes compare to netvibes
  • page layout support – now you can choose from 1 to 4 columns.
  • some interface enchancement

for theme wise issue, i would suggest maybe should follow what, allow use to create own theme and host by user themself , API wise i wish to see netvibes release some more advance API, so that user can create their own service, in stead of keep waiting the dev team to add their own service. Good Work Netvibes !


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