Milksync for RTM

I blog about Remember The Milk go Pro not long ago, as i say the interesting part is what feature will they release after starting of subscription service and how they going to maintain the balance between the pro account user and the free account user.

Today, the RTM dev team release their first feature for pro account user – Milksync , which allow windows mobile user to sync with RTM, this feature looks good to me, although RTM mobile is easy to use on mobile but you can’t have connection for every place that you go, an offline client is required for sure. I can’t wait to see review on this milksync , i m quite confident with these guy, don’t forget they are one of the first web2.0 that make use of google gear.

By end of the year, if RTM continue to impress me like this, i think i will grab a pro account too, anyway it share the same price tag with flickr account, i might renew both at the same time.

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