Using Outlook as rss aggregator

Recently i start to using outlook, for my email ( change from thunderbird ), my calendar ( change from google calender) , my task ( change from using palm desktop tasks ) and sync with my palm, is a bit sad that there are not open source program out there which so powerful ..

so whats next i wish to use outlook to do ? as my rss aggregator, doing some research and i found all these freeware that works with outlook

  • Blogbot – the only freeware that integrate with bloglines, you can sync with your bloglines account, but once you sync, its consider read in bloglines.
  • RSS Popper
  • inclue – the one that come with firefox extension and allow you to read multimedia feed, example video blog
  • RSS Feeder Dot Net – a windows rss reader which can run either stand alone or integrate with outlook
  • Intravnews – the subscription management is powerful , plugin feature and you can just register to get the activation code

which is my choice ? Intravnews but too bad it can’t sync with bloglines.

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