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Resolution 2015

As I mention in the review 2014 , I didn’t complete any resolution 2014 , so this year I just want to repeat mostly my 2014 resolution in habit building style rather than goal style, just like what zenhabits recommend – Create habits, not goals or resolutions in order to create an amazing 2015. I going to start some new habit […]

Resolution 2014

Another year , another resolution post. I try to set a few goal every year there is no exception this year , although with the new additional family member , I can foresee this will be a greater challenge. Build habit – It seem like some of the goal is hard to achieve, a better way to counter […]

Resolution 2013

Another year , another resolution post. I been writing resolution post every year since 2006 and so far I m not really satisfy for my own performance, hopefully this will be a different year. A really important self reminder, I should take small step often to build up in order to meet my resolution, not just […]

Resolution 2012

This is a must-write post every year , but as usual I want to try something different this year, a good read on zen habit’s fitguide and Mr Jamie’s double resolution . In stead of setting goals, I would like to build habit and focus on the process. Hopefully this will help me really counter my weight […]

Resolution 2011

Just like the past few year , I set my resolution few day later , this year resolutions include Weight Control – 85KG, for healthy and prepare for next year big day More Production – I would like to have a few more product out there. Open Source Contribution – I should take part in […]