Category: Non-Tech

My special area which include everything that is not so geek and non-tech related, the most geeky thing among this category are those Facebook game and World of warcraft related info.It also contain part of my life too , example things that i recommend , my past few year travel journal and my favourite gadget. Last but not least there are some funny jokes that keep me relax.


Why I like co-working place ?

I been hang around at this new co-working place Рtogether workspace recently and really like it , I been wanted to try out co-working environment but there are not much not choice in Johor and...


Freelance Confidential book released

I have just become a full-time freelancer 1 month ago and it happen that rockablepress release their new book for freelancer РFreelance Confidential, I will say this is a must get book for freelancer....