Rework Labs Report June 2015

June is the start of my coding marathon, I been working on a few project since Laravel 5.1 release.When I generate code, I feel like to have my product is stronger. Every time I will think if the code that I have generated is to produce my product, what will it happen ? I always have […]

Laravel 5.1 release

After the excited WWDC 2015 and Laravel release the new version last night, the version 5.1. You can find out more about it in the 5.1 release notes You can learn more about 5.1 from: the shiny new official documentation Laracast free lessons for 5.1 Matt Stauffer’s new features in Laravel 5.1 What do I love about the […]

Unable to upload image on a HHVM

If you are using HHVM latest version on your web server, at the same time having upload issue with any image manager ( for my case I m using Responsive File Manager ). You are hitting by one of the HHVM bugs. I was getting my client feedback this morning that image manager unable to […]

Rework Labs Report May 2015

May was a little bit relax for me, mainly because the new Laravel 5.1 not release yet. I have some project waiting for it so just try to complete any pending work on hand before the new project start. This month is busy. Two of the projects that have talk for few month, suddenly confirm and […]

Upgrading my Laravel 4 App to Laravel 5

I have spent around 20 hours to upgrade one of my medium size, simple Laravel 4 app to Laravel 5, just to note down some of the problem and solutions for this journey. If you want to switch over to HHVM,  do take note that you will see the blank page often and the easy way […]