Rework Labs Report June 2014

I been busy for the whole day and finally I have some “me” time now,  I should be churning out some code or doing a migration, but I choose to write down some thought, it’s almost 2/3 month past, i should blog about the June report. Remember I mention about this in the last post, everything might […]

Tech Debt for Freelancer

There is no doubt as a freelancer , there will be tech debt come back to hunt us some time, it might be a wrong tools you use , wrong platform you deploy or even wrong code that you write due to time constraints. For me, recently I have just pay back one of my […]

Rework Labs Report May 2014

My birthday month has been passed just like that and now I m on the last month of the first half of 2014 , I m a little bit nervous seem like lots of thing didn’t really meet the goal but at the same time I feel it might be just like last year , […]

Matt Mullenweg Live In SG

I just spend around 4~5 hours on travel yesterday in order to attend an event that meet up with the WordPress founder  - Matt Mullenweg. I do feel a little bit struggle to attend since recently the causeway is really massive jam everyday but thinking of it I been using WordPress since 2004 and this is […]

Filter Gravity Forms Input before saving

I share some tips on Gravity forms about how to save Gravity Forms Advanced Field to Custom Meta Field and this time I would like to share how to filter the inputs from Gravity Forms before saving to your database. For my use case I would like to remove the ‘http://’ from the url field, so that […]