InfiniteWP easter promo

If you are using InfiniteWP to manage all your WordPress, you must not miss their easter promo. you can try to pick the egg and break it in order to get the promo coupon, the highest promo will be 25% discount, it if you didn’t get the highest discount promo coupon, just refresh and try again. […]

Atom text editor

I just got the text editor invite few day ago , yesterday I spend a few hour on it , here are my short review , compare to the Sublime text 3 I been using. First of all , both text editor looks very similar, as a long time Sublime text user , both looks quite […]

WordPress For Hipchat Upgrade

I build a plugin call WordPress For Hipchat last year and release it on Github. I release the plugin during some self-training week and I blog about it. It’s been around 8 month and I receive my first feature request. Since I didn’t port the plugin over to official plugin site , it is a […]

InfiniteWP Cronjob Issue on Serverpilot

InfiniteWP is one of the free script for you to manage your all your WordPress site and Serverpilot is a web service that help you to manage your VPS. I was having the problem for the past few day for running InfiniteWP on Serverpilot‘s manage VPS, it seem like the cronjob didn’t run proper and showing […]

Rework Labs Report Mar 2014

Another month pass by, but I started this month report on time. I got a freelancer help this month to set up a project , but didn’t launch it at the end , since I think I m still unable to commit for that project, so most like will be doing a slow launch, although […]