Rework Labs Report July 2015

The past few day was terrible to me, I feel like depression or maybe burn out, don’t feel like doing any work and keep feeling tired over anything. It happens to me often after completed some big project, it’s like I have used up all my energy and everything blow up. Sometimes I do suspect […]

Another Laravel project upgraded

I m kind of slack during the weekend because of one of the major project ( Project HS ) has launched. You can’t tell the different from the surface because no UI changes have been done, the major things has been changing is the framework and the backend process. I have just upgraded another Laravel […]

Meat! Git for developer

I got the invite to try out Meat! few day ago, it was a Git hosting for developer, something like Github but with nice deploy options. I think should be more like Beanstalk‘s competitor. Meat! come with 2 version, the self-hosted version that you can download and host it yourself or the cloud version that they host […]

SupportPress – idea stage

I have this idea to launch WordPress maintenance support for a very long time. Based on the success company like WPCurve and WPSitecare and these WordPress Statistic, I believe the market for WordPress maintenance service is quite significant. Do I qualify for selling service like this? For the past 11 years this blog has been on […]