Rework Labs Report February 2015

February is really short for me , not only is a short month  and because of celebration of Lunar New Year, I decide to take a week break ( didn’t enjoy it last year because of our new-born baby ) to enjoy.  So I been rushing for tons of work just to make sure I can go […]

Responsive vs Mobile Optimize

I been support for responsive design concept all the while and very much pushing it when the customer enquiry for it, but recently one of the project let me rethink about this approach. There are some use case that an Mobile Optimize web site is much better then a Responsive website. My client project is actually […]

Recover from long break

I been back to work since monday, but the momentum is not there yet , it’s like the engine didn’t start properly so the whole process didn’t run smoothly, it happen quite often after coming back from long break. I have the similar situation after coming back from Xmas & year-end holidays, it might take weeks […]

Running Laravel 3 on PHP 5.5

If you just like me playing with Laravel since the old version, you might have some projects that are still running on Laravel 3 and if you try to debug it now day , one of the major problem is it does not compatible with PHP5.5 environment. You can either downgrade your environment or run multiple […]

Free premium template on reddit

One of the sad but interesting story on the reddit last week is giving away premium themeforest templates, created by my deceased brother. Use and make some nice sites with them , it seem like the original creator has pass away, the brother think to share his product with the web community , in a way to keep […]