I have just planned to rebuild one of the freelance project. It is not a small project, in fact; it was one of my biggest project last year. It might sound silly for this, but the rebuild is initiated by myself; the company of this project so far is happily using the site without any […]

Using Trello for Planning

I have kept my ideas, personal project, monthly progress on Evernote for some time, it is not perfect, but it serve the keeping record purpose. It has some issue includes no overview view, no status stage to keep track, some of the info just get outdated. I been looking for a better solution for this, a task […]

Taylor Otwell Inspire Me

I m glad that I did a correct investment ( in term of effort ) into Laravel few year ago, today the author of Laravel – Taylor Otwell is the one that inspire me. You might not know him if you are not into PHP, but if you are into PHP, he should be one of […]

Don’t pre purchase just because of promotion

I m working on my tax claim last week and tracking down all the company expenses, and it seems like there is quite a bit of wastage on products / services / script that I purchase. It’s a common practice for me if some of  my favourite products / services / scripts are having a promotion, and […]

Rework Labs Report March 2015

March ended up going by pretty fast, mainly because of 2 things , rushing an e-commerce module and enjoy 2 week holidays in Melbourne. Although lesson learned from my last HK trip, trying to avoid doing any work during my trip, but some minor task still squeeze in, lucky it didn’t spoil the mood much, […]