Upgrading my Laravel 4 App to Laravel 5

I have spent around 20 hours to upgrade one of my medium size, simple Laravel 4 app to Laravel 5, just to note down some of the problem and solutions for this journey. If you want to switch over to HHVM,  do take note that you will see the blank page often and the easy way […]

35 is a milestone

It’s a year since my 34 post, so try to continue this series of post this year too. Yes, I m 35 now. Nothing big different from last year, with the new member of the family I m trying hard to get the balance between work and family, sometimes I really wonder does work-life balance really […]

Laravel Forge vs Server Pilot for WordPress Sites

I using both Laravel Forge and ServerPilot to manage all my sites, 90% of these sites are powered by WordPress. Currently I user ServerPilot to manage most of the WordPress site due to some performance test I did a long time ago. Since the Linode SG DC release, I going to do some migration for my […]

Rework Labs Report April 2015

April was a good start for me,  although I still missed some of the goals, but lots of habits / smaller goal has been kicking start. I get a lot more done compared to the past three month. I m still struggle to work on the weekend, but it seem like can’t avoid it, so […]

Install Linode Longview on Laravel Forge Server

I always think that when you are working on some enhancement, it needs to have a way to measure it. If you just tweak anything without measure, you might just waste your time doing some good to have enhancement. I have been planning to do some enhancement on my server. I used Laravel Forge to provision […]