My apple care incident

I bought a Macbook air last year , as usual I thought of extend the Apple care before the first year warranty ended, I nearly can’t extend it because it has been overdue, but in the end after went through the Apple Support , finally I get to fix it. So what happen is I […]

Cancel my wow subscription

Yeah, finally I have just pause my subscription from World of Warcraft latest expansion Warlords of Draenor, so that I can more focus on my work and get rid of this little distraction. I been a long time “on & off” WOW player , I subscribe for few month and stop for few month , […]

Linode vs Digital Ocean in Singapore soon

It started from this tweet. Linode’s singapore data center launching soon, so it’s going to be Linode vs Digital Ocean for the cloud VPS market in Singapore. Coming soon: Singapore and Frankfurt, Germany datacenters! — Linode (@linode) January 16, 2015 I been a long time Linode user and I love using Linode , but 70% of […]

My favourite web services 2014

It’s a bit funny that still review 2014 at this time , but the ideas suddenly pop up that i would like to record down the web services I been using in 2014, the last time I did was in 2010. so here’s the list , lots of them is web services as core with […]

10 things about Rework Labs 2014

4 Year ago, I started Rework Labs, today is my business birthday and starting of the 5th year as a sole proprietor. In order to celebrate of this, I m doing a review of 10 important things of Rework Labs in 2014. Total revenue is only 7% increase, but consider I have taken quite a long break […]