Rework Labs Report November 2014

22 more days for 2014, finally things start to slow down , I have plan to take a break during year-end, hopefully can have a proper rest , I been feeling burnout since I coming back from Hong Kong. So what happen on November ? Freelance –  continue the startup project and another membership system on […]

Rework Labs Report October 2014

I have a short trip end of September , at the same time there is a project need to go live too , so it is miserable and I really hope that the same thing not going to happen again, anyway I m glad that I went through it and hopefully what has happen will make […]

Rework Labs Report September 2014

It seem like the timing for monthly report is getting worse, last month at least is done in the 1/3 of month, this month I only managed to do it before end of 2/3 of month, but seriously for the past few week is really like ridding roller coaster, like what I always say so […]

Rework Labs Report August 2014

Finally squeeze out some time for this after 1/3 of month is over, it’s been really busy for all the work and the little one. Since I m going off for a short break soon, a lot of things need to get it done before that is really torture me now, I guess I can […]

Be a better developer

For my 9 year corporate life, only the last 4 year I became a developer, I been struggle for to be a developer or not since I looking for my first job, but I guess is really fated and I been working on my own as a developer until now. I still remember the day when I decide […]